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Learn from fellow musicians and music industry experts.

Publicifi (and its sister channel Strings Attached) is a project created by musicians for musicians. We’re gathering stories, experiences, lessons learned and advice from musicians, bands, and music industry professionals. Learn from the greats and avoid their mistakes on your quest to build your own music career.

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What People Say

“Hey! I’ve been checking out your videos and they are really enjoyable and informative! Keep up the good work! 😊”
Trevor Lee
Drummer, Hey Thanks!
“I think you are brilliant at all this. I’ve been touring the world for 5 years and I can relate to everything you say.
Amazing. 🙂”
Lucas Alexander
Singer, Lucas Alexander Music
“Just wanted to say I absolutely love all of the content you’ve been putting out. It’s so professional for such a new channel. I really hope to see it grow more soon!”
Jason Webber
Solo Musician

Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Jenna – a bass player, music manager and music reporter. I created Publicifi to help you (and me) grow a fanbase and turn music into a career. Who better to ask than the people currently living their dreams? I talk to music industry experts and musicians to hear about their experiences, lessons learned and collect any nuggets of wisdom they’ve gathered along the way. Then I share them with you so we can all learn from the greats!

Jenna Potter